3 Months of using Windows 10 – Good or bad?

Its been 3 months since Windows 10 launched – is it all it cracked up to be?

Due to the free upgrades its already more popular than Windows 8. But do those people that haven’t upgrade, take the plunge?

Google chrome still remains more popular than over hyped Edge browser. Edge seems faster on some websites, but some websites it struggles with and sometimes needs you to open in Internet Explorer. It seems unfinished and for that reason I still recommend Google Chrome, officially the worlds most popular browser.


Do I really need a personal assistant as part of Windows 10? Personally i’ve turned it off as it was annoying, I think its a marmite feature you either love or hate.

Start Menu

Everyone seems to like that the new start menu is back but for tablet users you can still use the tiled interface. I personally actually think the new start menu is better than the old Windows 7 one.


There have been quite a lot of issues with upgrading to Windows 10, with computers either not working afterwards or giving errors and problems afterwards. If the PC was working perfectly before generally these PC’s seem to upgrade fine, if you computer was crashing or slow these are the ones that cause issues when being upgraded. My advice is to reset your PC to factory settings (if you know how) before upgrading and if you don’t know how get a professiona or someone who know how to, to upgrade it for you. Always check your PC is compatible before upgrading.

New Windows 10 PCs

In general these seem to have no more or less issues than Windows 8. Given the improvements with Windows 10, if you have a choice of Windows 8 or Windows 10 opt for a Windows 10 PC. If you  are a business, Windows 10 works fine and again is better than 8, but dependent on other computers in your business you may be best sticking with Windows 7.

So do I upgrade?

Windows 8 yes, but if you have Windows 7 – the jury is still out. If you have software that will only work on Windows 7 you may wish to think twice as its worth noting that the mail, media and video applications that Microsoft provide for free aren’t as good in Windows 10 (or 8) as in the Windows 7 versions. Also bear in mind the upgrade may be problematic.

However if you want or need the new Windows 10 features and the above doesn’t give you concern and you’ve checked your PC is compatiable then upgrade. It remains to be seen what Microsoft¬†will do regarding charging next year and whether they will charge for it after July. However what they will probably do is start charging for their free apps after this point to try and make some money out of people upgrading.

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