Apple – an alternative?

Apple equipment is beautifully designed and easy to use. We use Apple equipment for a number of different purposes in particular we’ve used ipods as data capture devices for some of our clients and we’ve also used ipads to show information with interactive offline content. Yes we could use PC tablets but they don’t look as good and aren’t always as easy to use.

In terms of the laptops and desktop computers we’ve installed in some of our clients to provide better looking alternative to the boring old designs. The Mac OS is quite easy to use and has many advantages over PCs and can talk quite happily to them when needed! However you can also install Windows on your Mac so you can use one or both operating systems.

We expect that Apple Desktops and Laptops to have touchscreens soon as this is the way the market is going.

Interested how apple equipment can be made to work for you? Drop us an email and we can arrange a demonstration.

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