End of support for Google Chrome on Windows XP and Vista

Google have announced the end of support for Google Chrome on Windows XP and Vista. So is this the time to ditch XP or Vista? If you want to continue to use Chrome for sometime then possibly yes. Once Google stop providing updates and security in April, then problems that occur with it you’ll be open to. Also eventually as technology moves on you might not be able to view current websites correctly.

The easiest alternative is to switch to another browser that is supported – Mozilla Firefox another popular free browser hasn’t announced end of support for Vista or XP and so will continue to provide updates. They probably won’t do indefinitely but until that computer breaks you should be able to carry on using at least for now. There are alternatives such as the Opera browser that will also continue to be supported and updated however Firefox is generally more used.

If you want to carry on using Chrome you can either risk it and carry on using or upgrade your current computer to Windows 7 or later to get the latest updated version.┬áIf you can’t upgrade to Windows 7 and you still want Chrome, sorry it might be time for a new PC.

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