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Agile Computing Repairs Redditch – Frequently Asked Question

Which is the best ant-virus / internet security product?

For free products you can’t beat AVG Free, although there are other free ones too.

If you want to have more security and want a full security suite then we personally would look at Bitdefender as one of top rated products year on year. Norton and McAfee, while they work well just slow your system down too much for our liking 

What should I do to regularly maintain my computer?
Checkdisk, defrag, disk cleaner all of which come with Window are all good places to
start. Once a week or once a month is adequate for most users. Running tools like
spybot and adware is also good to get rid of nasty spyware – be careful you don’t install
some of those unknown spyware products as they can be spyware themselves.
Always remember to backup and have anti-virus of some kind on your computer. 

Should I buy a Laptop or Desktop?
If you want to be mobile with where you use your computer then a laptop is best. Just
remember laptops are easier to drop and more expensive to fix than PCs. If you sit at
a desk then you’re better off with a pc tower and monitor setup – which can be a good
bit cheaper too. 

Microsoft Office is so expensive, but my kids use it at school?
It is expensive and while there are student versions available, think about free versions of software that do the same sorts of things like OpenOffice which is great and is evenused in some schools. 

So what spec PC do my need?
A lot of people get caught up in complicated specifications which they don’t need. For
either standard office use or home use you should be looking at:

  • At least a Quad Core processor or better
  • At least 8gb RAM, 4gb is o still ok.
  • At least 80gb hard drive, try and go for a SSD Hard drive if you
  • Windows 10

More than that unless you’re a gamer, video editor or do lots or do lots of graphical or
musical work is overkill.

If you are a gamer, video editor etc.. then should maybe think about:

  • A least a quad core processor or ideally better this could be Intel or AMD
  • A 3D graphics card – either nvidia or an AMD Radeon. This should ideally have as much memory on it as you can afford.
  • 8Gb RAM but 16gb is advisable.
  • Large SSD Hard Drive
  • For video or graphical work its worth considering an Apple Mac.

Do I need to upgrade from Windows 7?

The advice is yes particularly if you’re a business where downtime and security are going to be issues. If you can’t upgrade due to cost then make sure you have robust internet security and if you’re a business try and prevent these computers accessing the web using your firewall.

Do I want an Apple instead?
Apple equipment is beautifully designed and easy to use – although there is a learning curve when switching from using PCs. We use Apple equipment for a number of different purposes and in general there are more reliable, get less viruses and have less problems than PCs. But all this comes with a considerable price tag, with the exception of some specialist software for music that is Apple only you can get the same or similar products on the PC and the computer itself will usually be a fraction of the price. If you are doing graphical, video or music production then you probably need an Apple, if you don’t they are nice but they are an expensive luxury.