Windows 8 is coming

Windows 8 is set to be a radical rethink of Windows and abandon the traditional start menu format seen in Windows since Windows 95. It is the use they’re new “Metro Interface” as seen in the recent Windows phones, which uses tiles. Kind of seems like they are going back to more what they had in Windows 3.1!

Its heavily based around using touchscreens, which means we’re going to be seeing a lot more touchscreen PCs, Laptops and tablets around once its launched. While PCs and tablets with touchscreen are commonplace, laptops have been a little slow to include this. But in the next few years expect every new computer to include touchscreen as standard. They added the ribbon interface seen in Office 2007/10 to explorer, streamlined Internet Explorer so it runs more quickly and improved backup/restore functions, added native USB3 support and more…

It allegedly will run on any PC that runs Vista or Windows 7 comfortably.

So will it be any good? Time will tell, as its only currently in testing right now, with a release date unconfirmed (but expected before the end of 2013.) I personally am unsure as to whether people will find the loss of a desktop very easy, although you can disable “metro” and go back to your start menu if you really want. My thoughts are – thats what most people will do, as people aren’t big on change. What i’m really interested to see, is what Apple do to compete, as they’re Mac OS 10 has been around for some years now and maybe is also due for a radical rethink too.

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