Windows 8?


Ultimately if you are buying new you don’t have a lot of choice with most retailers as its generally all thats available. Its not a terrible operating system, but its really designed with touchscreens in mind and its a lot different to using previous versions of windows. The tile system is actually fairly intuitive and if you’re used to a Windows phone is fairly logical. However things switch between the new tile interface and the old desktop interface which is a bit confusing and seems a bit clunky.

For new users I think its probably easier as it will be how things move to in the future and if you are buying a PC with a touchscreen its a must. If you’re an existing Windows user who isn’t buying a touchscreen PC then I would suggest going for Windows 7 if you can.

For businesses there will be few who will switch as there are no real benefits but lots of confusion for people used to Windows 7 and previous versions.

Its only worth upgrading an existing PC to it if you have a touchscreen PC (and use the touchscreen!) If you don’t have a touchscreen and are running Windows 7 then its probably not worth it. XP computers are also not worth upgrading (not all will run anyway) however if you are running Vista which is notoriously unreliable and often slow it can be worth considering. Particularly as there have been some good offers to entice people into buying Windows 8.  I personally upgraded one of my vista computers and it does work better on Windows 8 – it is quicker and better to use.

If you hate the way Windows 8 works (the tile system rather than the standard desktop/start menu) you can always change it to work like Windows 7, click here to see how to do it. Although personally I would say get used to the new look as I doubt new versions will be any different. Windows 8 is the start of things to come, but its not really an essential upgrade without a touchscreen – it will get better in time.

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